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My Story

A very warm welcome to L&R Cosmetics. My name is Charlene and I am the very proud owner of L&R Cosmetics. I live in Hampshire UK with my two beautiful children. All the soaps at L&R are handmade from scratch using the cold processed method. Hand made soap lies in the selection of base oils and butters that lend unique properties to the finished soap. My extensive research and experimentation goes into finding just the right mixture of oils and butters to create each of our wonderful soaps, I always use premium ingredients that are ethically sourced, free from SLS and are cruelty free.

L&R soaps will cleanse and condition the skin but also leave you smelling delightful. I am passionate in researching the science and everything that natural cosmetics can offer us. All of my products are assessed according to EU legislation, and I work closely with our chemists to stay up to date with new developments within our industry.

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